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Foundations of Sustainable Herbalism

Foundations of Sustainable Herbalism


with Cynthia Thomas, Herbalist, BS


A 6-Month Seasonal Intensive

— 10 Saturdays, May to October

I am again happy to announce this exciting opportunity to dig deep into the roots of herbalism, feed our minds, get our hands dirty, and grow our Spirits. This course will cover the foundations of herbalism, with an emphasis on sustainability through reverence and mindfulness. Throughout the seasons we will explore: the medicinal plants (common and not-so-common, native and non-native) and the body systems they heal; identification and uses for bioregional and world herbalism; sustainable growing and harvesting; medicine-making; intuition and deep listening; first-aid; nutrition; botany; energetics of herbs and illness; and more. Most of the teachings will be from a Western European and Native American perspective, with an introduction to Ayurvedic and Chinese principles.

Learning Objectives

For our "classroom" we will be mostly outdoors, working in collaboration with two different wonderful pieces of land and their attentive and humble stewards to explore principles of sustainability and deep ecology. One is the home of Mary and Joe Mueller, and Garden Life. It is a mature, productive medicinal and edible oasis, lovingly tended by professional gardener/herbalists for many years. The second, Bluebird Hill Homestead, is a beautiful long-wilded piece of previously pastured family land, evolving into a permaculture homestead and outdoor learning center. These classrooms will give students two perspectives and a truly unique opportunity to break ground and start from the very beginning to develop and nurture a relationship with the land, soil, seeds, and plants, as well as to see the abundance of a mature medicine garden, and learn how to tend, harvest, process and preserve medicines. Each classroom is a 30-45 minute drive from Minneapolis Central. Carpooling will be encouraged. Classes will be held mostly outdoors, with shelter available if needed for rain.

This program is primarily for beginning to intermediate herbal students. Advanced students and practitioners are welcome and may find aspects of this course that have been missing from other programs. If you are truly a beginner, prior to taking this program I strongly recommend taking the “Introduction to Herbal Medicine” class offered on May 14 at Bluebird Hill Homestead in WI.

I really hope you will consider joining me for this adventure in sustainable herbalism. Registration details are below.

Registration Details

Refund Policy - 2016 Foundations of Sustainable Herbalism

Sacred Journey Healing Arts, LLC does not discriminate based on age, race, nationality, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Students are expected to act in a responsible and respectful manner. Students who miss more than one class, miss a payment, or act in a manner that threatens a safe and functional learning environment may be asked to leave at the discretion of the instructor and in accordance with the refund policy.

If you have questions, contact Cynthia at, or call Cynthia at 612.991-2717.

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