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Herbal Clinic Circle

The Herbal Clinic Circle is an opportunity for herbal students and practitioners to deepen their knowledge of clinical Western herbalism and gain experience, while providing needed care to clients seeking affordable herbal medicine for wellness. Within the sanctuary of a circle, clients receive the benefits of many eyes and ears, while an herbal mentor or advanced student practitioner guides the consultation. Practitioners are able to observe and apply their training directly, gaining experience and insight and receiving vital feedback from their peers and mentors Matthew Wood and/or Cynthia Thomas in a way that builds confidence and improves the quality of care they provide. Students who are seeking AHG professional membership may apply supervised hours toward AHG certification. Clients Welcome—see below ...

Clinic Circle with Cynthia Thomas
*Registration Required* 

No dates are scheduled at this time. Please check back soon.

Clients Welcome!

This is a great opportunity for clients to be seen on a sliding scale basis. The scale is from $0 to $80, plus the cost of herbs. Clients are seen by mentors while student practitioners observe and contribute. Tutored by their mentors, advanced students and practitioners may step into the role as primary herbalist. Clients benefit from the skill of a practiced herbalist, as well as the many gifts brought from all directions by the students/practitioners. Contact Cynthia 612.991-2717 or

Blessings, Cynthia

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